Jenny is dedicated to developing not just a French horn player, but the whole musician.  She believes that music plays an integral part of each student’s growth as a person, as well as allowing them self expression and the chance to develops their own individual potential and abilities.  The disciplines learned within the world of music also translate into real-world skills such as teamwork, tolerance, respect, and perhaps most importantly, cooperation! 

Jenny feels that music is not an art just enjoyed by oneself.  She expects her students to participate in chamber music and large ensembles to the largest degree that they can while they learn the finer points of musicianship and brass playing through private lessons.  Lessons can be either 45 minutes or an hour in length.
Jenny's private students have been accepted at USC, San Francisco Conservatory, Rice University, Manhattan School of Music, and Brigham Young University.
Please use the ‘Contact’ page to send Jenny an email about current rates, teaching schedules, or questions about anything!
Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.  ~Victor Hugo